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Senga Centre For Sale – Full Title Deeds February 23, 2012

       FOR SALE with Title Deeds, Senga Centre in Senga Bay is a small/medium sized business complex made up as follows:
  • 1 x Large Residential House
  • 3 x Shops
  • 1 x Double Garage
  • 1 x Warehouse 160m2 in size with own loading dock
  • 1 x Staff Cottage
  • Tea Garden leading from Shop No 1
  • Security Post
  • Standard Bank ATM with 5 year lease

and much, much more…!

The Property is very secure with a double thick 9′ high wall surrounding the premises and with lots of trees both inside and outside the compound it is well-shaded and cool…! Set a sensible distance from the main road makes it safe with loads of shaded parking. It is situated opposite the Parachute Battalion and next to the Baptist Clinic…it is not a beach property.

Highly suitable and ideal for:

* Factory – any light industrial works from candle making to soap
* Processing – Canning Fish or Bottling Fruit juice
* Packaging – Fresh Fish or Dried Fish
* SOBO Depot
* Training Facility
* Orphanage
* Private Hospital
* Bible College
* Language Laboratory
* Shops suitable for:
– Bank
– Postnet
– Foodworths or Foodzone type of Superette
* B&B Facility or HomesStay
* Warehouse: This is the TOP IDEA…! As Storage Facility for any product such as rice or as a SOBO Depot
* Food Drying and Packaging (Fish, Mangoes and Bananas)
* Shop Letting: For Passive Income

It is a “Buyer’s Market” and this factor, coupled with my changed family circumstances and failing health has resulted in a reduction in price that may appeal to you.

PRICE DRASTICALLY REDUCED FOR A QUICK SALE…! Centre is Bank Valued at $450,000 and the selling price has been REDUCED to $350,000 on one of the following Price Options that is offered to a QUALIFIED BUYER…! Forex is pegged at $1 – K425 (21/04/2013)

Just as a matter of interest, when I say the house is fully furnished, this will include items such as beds, fridge/freezer, microwave, diningroom set, cupboards, bookshelves, coffee tables, antique welsh dresser, tv, decoder, garden furniture, washing machine, curtains, fans, lamps, large wall mirrors, pots, pans, cutlery, crockery..etc! I would say the total value of all is in excess of K3 million…!


Please contact me for further information and pictures, or if you would like to make and appointment and come and view Senga Centre, this would be great:

  • To see the full advert please click HERE.

Senga Centre


Plot for sale in Chipoka – Salima February 22, 2012

Plot for sale in Chipoka, Salima. 140m by 80m, plain site. By the lake front, Next to the Sand Mining Area.
Selling out at K10.2 million only.

Email me at : arthurcopper77@gmail.com

Plot For Sale - Chipoka


Beach Front for Sale – Senga Bay February 21, 2012

Plot for sale at the Lake, Senga Bay, Salima.
Has a beach in front, its 190m by 90m. Going at K8.5 million.
If interested please email me at casperntilo@gmail.com or Phone #: +265 995 950 416

Plot in Senga Bay for Sale


Lakeside – Salima, Senga-bay, Central February 27, 2011

This property is situated in senga bay central, salima. the size of land is 0.1472 hectares right in the heart of senga bay.

The lodge has been running for the last five years and still operational.

The lodge previously known as senga bay lodge and now known as nyanja lodge, is on the road to carolina resort, and mpatsa lodge. it is next to chamavi cottage and lmd cottage near mpico cottages.

The property consists of three buildings.

One building is used for reception, stores, restaurant and toilets,

The other building has the kitchen

Whilst the final building has seven rooms all with shower, toilet and hand washing basin, with furniture. beds etc

There is a water tank connected with a borehole and geysers for the rooms.

I have a 99 year lease from government and the title deeds are in my name .

There is a small garden and a bar area.

Excellent location as senga bay is a sought after area these days.

COST – US$ 110,000-00 which is negotiable. Email – istiaqaboobaker@yahoo.com Click HERE for more info


Lakeside Property – Salima

The property is situated in senga bay north known as lifuwu area. the size of the land is 0.4575 hectares and is very big.

This property is fully operational and has neighbours on both sides

it is situated where a new sugar company illovo is putting up a sugar plant, lifuwu rice scheme and hospital is nearby, they is also a five star hotel coming up on the bay and a few lodges around. The property consists of three buildings, one has six bedrooms all with bathroom toilets, one has the reception area and staff housing, one has a bar and restaurant on a double storey wooden deck which is about finished.

There is a water tank connected with two bore holes, a big garden with ample space for future developments. I have a 99 year lease from government.

Excellent views of senga hills and a very quiet, beautiful beach.

This is an excellent location as there aren’t many properties on this bay for sale. Click HERE for more info.

COST –  US$ 150,000-00  which is negotiable, TITLE DEEDS – In my name. Email – istiaqaboobaker@yahoo.com


Senga Centre For Sale January 8, 2011

Senga Centre is registered with Title Deeds to me and is a Business Centre situated on the main Salima/Senga Bay road, diagnonally opposite the Lifuwu turnoff and opposite the Parachute Battalion.

Due to changed family circumstances, I want to retire and I would like to sell Senga Centre. I have been very happy, safe and secure in Malawi since 1999 but it is now time for me to retire at the age of 62 as I am no longer a “spring-chicken” and my health stops me from acting like one…!

One of the main attractions of Senga Centre  is that Standard Bank has recently built and installed an ATM on my premises which ensures that the 80:20 ratio applies and so, the feet needed for any business centre is ensured with this in situ . To see the full advert please click HERE.


Horizon Lake Hotel For Sale

PRICE REDUCED BY $160,000 (almost 30%) – NOW ONLY $395,000 OR GBP 245,000) – BARGAIN PRICE! In Order TO FIND a QUICK CASH BUYER (ono).

Selling a Going-Concern Business. Income from Day 1 for the Purchaser.

Send me an email (horizonlakemalawi@yahoo.com) for FULL Sale Brochure, Revised ROI Calculations, and Photos (Buildings, Beach Area and views of Lake Malawi from Horizon Hotel)

Located near the Sand Dunes of Senga-Bay South, Salima, along the shores of Lake Malawi. Surrounded by Malawi Army Land hence no nearby villages, therefore very peaceful, quiet and tranquil area. No Fishermen/Villagers in the vicinity. Please click HERE to view full listing.