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Are you looking for a property in Malawi April 21, 2015

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Malawi PropertyAre you in the market looking to purchase a plot of land or house? or perhaps you’re a potential foreign investor finding it difficult to access information on the laws and your rights.

Whatever you’re looking for, let us help you.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for when you ask, we can assure you we will get into it straight away and deliver results on time.

There are many opportunities in Malawi, from farm land to beach properties as well as luxury houses in the City and rental opportunities. Some prices are incredibly exaggerated and this is the reason we’ll always advise you to use us as a broker or your representative, the difference being we will scout the market and compare prices before producing the proof to the seller or landlord justifying our price proposal. Acting as your right hand representative, we have no attachments to the buyer nor the property for sale, we therefore have the added advantage to not beat around the bush, so to say.

So, what are you waiting for, get in touch and let’s get scouting… Email us at wawamalawi@africamail.com



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Personal assets don’t come any better than owning a piece of paradise in Lake Malawi, voted to be the number one place to be in Africa. If the opportunity comes by to own yourself some sun and sand, then why not take it, and if you’re not using it, rent it out to the many people looking for accommodation but can’t buy.

We currently have a 4 dbl bed cottage with furniture for sale in Monkey Bay, 2 beach plots in Senga and Chipoka, and a 12 dbl bedroom beach hotel for sale…

Finding land at the Lake for the right and realistic price is never easy, everything seems to be overly exaggerated. Here at Wawa Malawi we only work with sellers that offer value for money. If interested in knowing more about the above properties, please email wawamalawi@africamail.com stating which property you’re interested in.


Wawa Malawi - Malawi Travel Guide

Wawa Malawi – Malawi Travel Guide


Why You Should Buy Property in Malawi NOW! November 25, 2014

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Malawi is a 3rd World country and we all know that. The continual political struggles and unstable economy do mean prices are never certain and property buyers are found undecided whether to invest or not.

The truth is, despite political and economic uncertainty, Malawi is still perhaps the best country in Africa to invest in when it comes to property and here’s why:-

* Property in Malawi retains or increases its value, therefore your interest or profit return is better than the banks

* Being undeveloped means there’s always room for development, with development comes high demand for property

* Malawian businessmen are turning to Agriculture as demand increases from countries such as China and Pakistan – export is on the rise given the new port down South.

* Rental costs are at an ultimate high, the average cost for a 3 bed in the city being $1,500.00 per month

* Size does matter – Opportunities to secure yourself a decent sized plot still currently exist, but not for long as the population grows and farmers increase, land is surely set to decrease and cost more.

* Variety of undeveloped business opportunities still exist, theme parks, camping, waterparks, archery and target shooting range, quad bike racing, paintball range etc…

* International donors will return – when? Well we don’t know but it should be fairly soon as the Cashgate investigations seems to be finally bringing in some answers, this means once the forex starts to flood in, opportunities will increase and so will the cost of land

* Buying property when a country is in financial crisis is perhaps the best time to buy, this is because sellers believe this is the only way out, therefore buy now and you’re guaranteed to double your asset cost in the next 5 years.

* Buy a farm – farm land for sale in Malawi is on the rise, the beauty is it comes in big sizes, you can either grow and sell your crop or perhaps rent the land out to other businesses that want to get into farming but can’t buy up front, you’ll make excellent returns and should you decide to sell in 5 years, your property value will have nearly doubled, making your previous rental intake full on profit

Here’s the thing though, Malawian property sellers are selling property but they’re asking for ridiculous prices, let’s face it, property value is determined by a variety of factors, security, economy, schools, roads, hospitals etc – Therefore, here’s what we’re doing for you, if you have the money to buy a property and have an idea what you’re looking for, then let us know and we’ll hunt these sellers down (the understanding ones). We will negotiate as much as we can and try and bring both  parties together to close a deal. Our costs are drawn down from the seller… if interested email us at wawamalawi@africamail.com



NEW: 33 Hectare Farm Land for Sale – Salima November 5, 2014

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We have a beautiful 33 hectare farm with 8 buildings on site. The buildings are fully wired and plumbed, on site there is also a borehole and water tank.

The farm was previously used to cultivate tobacco, cotton and maize. However as the owner now resides in the UK he would like to sell at a giveaway price for the serious buyer.

Roofing may need some attention but not much.

interested? email wawamalawi@africamail.com

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land for sale in Malawi

Farm for Sale in Malawi


Senga Centre For Quick Sale March 3, 2013

FOR SALE with Title Deeds, Senga Centre in Senga Bay is a small/medium sized business complex made up as follows:

  • 1 x Large Residential House
  • 3 x Shops
  • 1 x Double Garage
  • 1 x Warehouse 160m2 in size with own loading dock
  • 1 x Staff Cottage
  • Tea Garden leading from Shop No 1
  • Security Post
  • Standard Bank ATM with 5 year lease

and much, much more…!

The Property is very secure with a double thick 9′ high wall surrounding the premises and with lots of trees both inside and outside the compound it is well-shaded and cool…! Set a sensible distance from the main road makes it safe with loads of shaded parking. It is situated opposite the Parachute Battalion and next to the Baptist Clinic…it is not a beach property.

Highly suitable and ideal for:

* Factory – any light industrial works from candle making to soap * Processing – Canning Fish or Bottling Fruit juice * Packaging – Fresh Fish or Dried Fish * SOBO Depot * Training Facility * Orphanage * Private Hospital * Bible College * Language Laboratory * Shops suitable for: – Bank – Postnet – Foodworths or Foodzone type of Superette * B&B Facility or HomesStay * Warehouse: This is the TOP IDEA…! As Storage Facility for any product such as rice or as a SOBO Depot * Food Drying and Packaging (Fish, Mangoes and Bananas) * Shop Letting: For Passive Income

It is a “Buyer’s Market” and this factor, coupled with my changed family circumstances and failing health has resulted in a reduction in price that may appeal to you.

PRICE DRASTICALLY REDUCED FOR A QUICK SALE…! There are also a variety of payment options available, please ask for more details. Forex is pegged at USD1 to K425 (as of 21/04/2013)

Just as a matter of interest, when I say the house is fully furnished, this will include items such as beds, fridge/freezer, microwave, diningroom set, cupboards, bookshelves, coffee tables, antique welsh dresser, tv, decoder, garden furniture, washing machine, curtains, fans, lamps, large wall mirrors, pots, pans, cutlery, crockery..etc! I would say the total value of all is in excess of K4 million…!


Please contact us for further information and pictures, or if you would like to make and appointment and come and view Senga Centre, this would be great wawamalawi@africamail.com :

Senga Centre

Senga centre for Sale Malawi

DSCN4382 DSCN5198 dining room verandah senga centre: left to right shops 3, 2, 1 senga centre: front view SAM_1998-001 SAM_2006-001 from the end of the front verandah SAM_2435 senga centre - verandah shop No 2 view of verandah senga centre - front garden leading to double garage and factory factory/warehouse at senga centre showing loading dock and double garage senga centre- lounge senga centre - factory-warehouse senga centre - standard bank atm


Lilongwe property for Sale February 12, 2013

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House for Sale, Concrete yard. Main access road is tarmac and unsurfaced short feeder road to house. Fired bricks with cement mortar, rough cast, plastered and painted. Roof covering with IBR sheets with double
pitched roof. Has front entrance khonde with burglar bars, rear khonde, lounge, dining room, kitchen with fittings, pantry, passage, separate toilet with basin, separate shower room. Call +265999953592


Lilongwe Property for Sale – 12/02/13

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House for sale in 47 sector 1, newly built house 3 bedroom all en-suite, large living room, kitchen, pantry, and huge garden..K 43 million.. Contact 0991879475